Belyka Sa Febel

The daughter of a noble narsi family, she escaped from Peloros city while it was being besieged by the baian people. This was possible thanks to a family heirloom: a ring of invisibility. If it hadn’t been for this audacity, she would have died just two days later with her family, that was put to the sword by enemies. A few days later she managed to meet her grandfather, who had been away from Peloros when the siege started and was trying to gather support to release the city from the outside.

When Peloros fall, her grandfather decided to become a smuggler to survive, while still trying to raise an army to release his beloved narsi city. But he died of a fever and Belyka, at age 22, inherited The Crimson Hind and all her crew: a handful of faithful people advanced in years.

Now the girl is still smuggling at the sea of Escylos, but as revenge for all the honor taken from her family, she has turned her grandfather’s vessel into a real pirate vessel, attacking as many baian ships on her way and taking refuge on the shores of Caenys, whose authorities turn a blind eye as long as she doesn’t attack their boats.

It’s easy to distinguish Belyka Sa Febel  from a million pirates because of her slight but athletic figure, red and entangled mane, tanned skin from the sun and big turquoise eyes. She always wears studded leather armor, wields a cutlass in her hand and carries two loaded matchlock pistols in her belt. Some say she sleeps bearing all that. Some say she never sleeps.

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Let tremble the earth, let floods boil, let the sun darken, let raining rants and raves fall down! Encounter Quest is already here!

Some thought that this would never happen. Others believed it would take us a lifetime to reach this state of enlightenment. They all were wrong! Many good friends died on the way, but here is finally the award for the vast mass of thirsty followers of our humble cause.

We have in our hands The Crimson Hind, an encounter designed to enjoy the taste of the best pirate stories, with ships, gunpowder, greed, dangers and characters marked by the hard life that sea imposes. You can see the cover and some pages here.

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